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Avabodha Learnings is more than just a project; it’s a visionary endeavor dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge. The name “Avabodha” finds its roots in the Sanskrit language, symbolizing both knowledge and unwavering determination in thought and action.

Our platform is proudly registered under Udyog Aadhar (MSME) with the Government of India (UAM No. DL06D0012997), reflecting our commitment to legitimacy and quality.

Our ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive destination for an exclusive array of courses and services. At Avabodha Learnings , we are dedicated to achieving excellence that translates into tangible results for enhanced learning and a promising future. Your aspirations are our mandate, and we are here to deliver beyond expectations.



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Discover Avabodha Learnings — your trusted online hub for aspiring Psychologists and Therapists. Our comprehensive courses empower you to excel in your field, while our expert services in Counseling, Handwriting Analysis, and Tarot Readings provide transformative self-discovery. Your journey towards mastery is enriched with Avabodha Learning’s skillful guidance.

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This course has taught me so many different and new things....most importantly...it is not about how beautifully one draws rather about *what* one draws🌸The way in which even typical concepts were told is really appreciable...I doubted my capability for learning art therapy but the way and the patience through which things were told during classes was awesome. I pay my sincere gratitude towards my teacher who Shared her precious and wonderful knowledge with us!! Thank you Kavita Mam for being such a great teacher!! 🌸

Vatsala Pathak

The four week session on art therapy gave me an insight as to how art is not just therapeutic but can also be used to understand another person or the client better. The classes were enjoyable and ma'am's sincerity and egarness to impart the knowledge she has gained over several years of practice was commendable. This course has been a good introduction to art therapy and I look forward to delving further into the depths of this therapy.

Tanushree Joshi

It's a good place for kids to learn effortlessly and unknowingly while enjoying every moment but under the watchful eye of the facilitator . The beauty is that the facilitator herself enjoys every moment and the children accept her as an integral part of the group. At the end of a class I find the young ones planning to meet soon for the next class.

Anil Kumar Vij

Learning from Avabodha and under Kavita Ma'ams guidance is in itself a very beautiful journey.The kind of efforts that are taken for each student is really worth appreciating and the teaching learning process is fun and fulfilling. Feeling very happy and satisfied with the entire course.

Sonakshi Kadwe

I never thought online classes would be so interesting to learn with. the knowledge,the discussion was worth it. I would like to thank Dr. Kavita ma'am for such an learning experience.

Abhilashaa Ankit Rustagi

I've really enjoyed the course 'Art Therapy.' It has given me so many ideas to support my professional practice as well as my self development. Kavita ma'am is awesome and heart warming instructor. She is mindful of her students and discuss every topic. I will remain grateful to Ma'am and her classes. Blessings on her more and more. Thanks, Kavita ma'am and Avabodha, for your beautiful gift to us.

Biji P A Ponnu

Yes, I would definitely recommend Avabodha. It was quite an interesting and enriching learning experience with Dr.Kavita Vasudev Ma'am. She is a very humble and gentle teacher extremely knowledgeable and resourceful person. This course has definitely enhanced my knowledge and provided insights on different aspects of Art Therapy. Heartfelt gratitude to Avabodha and Dr. Kavita Ma'am.

Sonali Deshbhratar

Excellent coaching and training by Dr. Kavita. She equips us to practice individually by her teaching methodology and techniques. Thanks to Avabodha Learnings for giving me the wonderful opportunity to learn new things about Art Therapy.

Soorya Sivakumar

I would definitely recommend this course. It was great learning experience. A journey of exploring others as well as one's own emotions through Art! Dr. Kavita Vasudev is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. Really enjoyed the course.

Kavita Bhatia

It's been a worthful 5 weeks of learning for me.I learned a lot of techniques in terms of Art Therapy. It provided me wider perspective in life and in my career. I am recommending every Counselor or Therapist to join this program if they can. The payment terms are flexible as well. The Professor is helpful and the schedules are not bad.

Lexie Sunigo

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