Ever wondered about the people around you? Who they are, how they act and what impacts their everyday behaviour?

Having had many professional experiences and the opportunity to meet varied people in my life, it still astonishes me when I see the same person with a different personality each day.

My belief has been firmly established through the years that every person has a flip side; a side that opens up or shows itself depending upon the amount of “you” they need. One day, you will receive love and happiness; just to find her/him in the most inappropriate behavior the next minute or the next day. This is when you become invisible and you wonder “Have I done something? Wrong? Was I supposed to do something?”…. Happy contemplating to me!

I have seen people slog their days and nights just to get better at ‘It’ every day. Lot of people have spoken to me about office and workspace treatments. A majority of them voiced that they are made to feel guilty for taking leaves (which by the way is a HUMAN RIGHT), feel worthless because they are not good enough as per their superiors or sometimes, even incompetent because they refused to carry out a specific task (whatever may be the reason).

The people above you want you to work as per their expert ideas and not your own (even though they give you the liberty to bring your ideas to the table…but what for, I always marvel?). I wish to ask, “If you know how to do it better than me, why not do it yourself?”

This brings me to my next question, “How much vulnerability does one need and to what extent can one use that vulnerability to get a task done? And get it done for free sometimes?” A person who desperately needs a job essentially succumbs to his/her vulnerable conditions and holds on to it till the last minute, just before the rope is cut off. On the way a lot of ridicule, hopelessness and fatigue is encountered. Imagine someone whose life depends on this job and is treated mercilessly at the hands of power. Is there any way out?

What is a person’s worth or how can a person become worthy of kindness? Very often I ponder, is a person hired for work because of his/her ‘ability’ or the extent to which he/she has the ability to be ‘utilized’? Respect and empathy is the need of the hour.

I have lot more to pen down but then I am not a part of this crowd.

Motto of my life:

“Never forget where you first started, if success is what you wish to see in life”

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