Hands joined in faith and gratitude ~ Dr. Kavita Vasudeev

As a child I often used to wonder, why my mother wanted me to pray. I used to sit with her in front of the home temple, join my tiny fingers together, wriggling with each other and close my eyes. I still have vivid memory of the same. I was 3 and half years old at the time. I used to open the side of my eye in the direction where my mom used to sit and see if she had her eyes closed. Hilarious it is, my mom used to do the same to see if my eyes were closed and we used to giggle at the sight of the other.

So, eventually, I asked her, “why do we pray? Why do you make me sit with you always?”

‘Prayer has power!’ she said softly. “How so?” my mind went. She asked me to make a wish and pray for it till it comes true. As a small child, I did as she asked. I prayed to God everyday to have a brother. Lo and behold, there was my younger brother in my small arms (an year later) as I carried him carefully while sitting in the backseat of the car making sure he didn’t wake up. My wish had come true! I started to believe in the power of God and prayer since then. Though years later, I understood that my brother’s birth was not only the intention of God but of my parents too (pun intended).

Relaying back to the memory lane, ever since I started praying, things have been falling in my lap but not effortlessly. I have had my share of struggles, ups and downs and the best parts of life too.

Last year, a life changing transformation took place. Just like any other individual who is shattered by life’s mysterious ways and seeks refuge in the hands of a healer, I too saw a healer for myself. Looking at me, he asked me just one thing. “Do you pray?” he questioned. I was taken aback a little and told him that I have been since I was 3 years old, every single day of my life. He smiled and said, “you are already healed. You do not require anyone to heal you better than yourself” (this may not relate to everyone who is reading this article). My belief in my prayers became stronger.

Recently, last month that is, I encountered two scary experiences that could have robbed us (me and my family) of life. It is some divine power, some guardian angel watching over me and helping me soar higher and higher.

My faith increases with every passing day. I am not ashamed to admit that the faith dwindles at times, especially in shaky waters. What matters is that you come back to it even with the slightest ray of hope.

With joined hands, today I thank God one more time for always being there.

“The Power of Prayer”

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