Ever wondered about the people around you? Who they are, how they act and what impacts their everyday behaviour? Having had many professional experiences and the opportunity to meet varied people in my life, it still astonishes me when I see the same person with […]


Hands joined in faith and gratitude ~ Dr. Kavita Vasudeev As a child I often used to wonder, why my mother wanted me to pray. I used to sit with her in front of the home temple, join my tiny fingers together, wriggling with each other […]

Peer Pressure

Ours is a collectivist society. We are taught to put others before ourselves. In the quest to do so, we, majority of times, give in to what others ask us or want us to do. Conformity becomes a cause of concern during such instances. It […]

Mental Health

For most of us, each morning begins with a brush with the day’s news. Open the newspaper and you get to read news about suicides, murders, rapes, stress, anxiety, abuse etc. Such news are so troublesome that the positives are shadowed by them. This leaves […]

Getting a Hang of “IT”

This is my first blog ever. It has been a wonderful journey of life till date. To think of it, life shows you your fair shares of pleasure and pain. The irony of it all is that we tend to remember our pains more than […]


16th May, 2020 The past months during lockdown have been difficult for most and seemingly better for many. It has been a time where people got the opportunity of “working from home” and spending time with their families. I, from my experience, may not call […]

#BELIEF: Not Just Another Word

25th May, 2020 A few days back, a dear friend and colleague shared his journey of starting a venture and taking it to great heights after hard work and perseverance. He shared his post with me and it took me down the memory lane…. roughly […]